Stamps.Com – Lawyer in Sunnyvale, CA

This site is essentially one giant Scam masquerading as an online stamp selling website. If there was a way to recommend USPS to shut down this site I'd do it right now. Here's my experience with this site, which should give you some idea of the reason behind my frustration.For more than 2 years (starting Sep 2012),stamps.comhas been charging me $15 every month. I didn't even know what this site does or stands for till I noticed the amount in my Nov 2014 credit card statement. I called up my card company and asked them to put a hold on this seller. Then I started receiving emails mentioning non-payment of service fee. Their office hours for calling are also very restricted but I finally got some time and called them to close my account and refund my money. After being transferred from a rep to a supervisor, and both confirming that I've never used the service EVER, all I was given was a 1 month waiver. Can you believe their response – Yes we realize you didn't use the service for 2 years and yes we realize someone might've signed you up based on aStamps.comGoogle ad (where we show up first and trick people into this scam Wink! Wink!), but I can only give you one month off as credit. Thank you and bye bye!I hope USPS takes notice of this giant scam and cancels their license. They have no way for people to close the account without calling them at their very restricted work-hours and for people with busy schedules and long credit card bills, they are essentially abusing their relationship with USPS to trick customers into this Scam. My sympathies for anyone who also feels cheated and mugged by this giant scam of a site.

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