Stamps.Com – Lawyer in Tallahassee, FL

1.) They charge a monthly fee of $15, even if you're not buying any postage. You only find out about this when you're signing up for "free".2.) They're hoping you'll forget to cancel at the end of the free trial and let them automatically bill you by the month, whether you use the service or not.3.) They try to upsell and get you to buy labels and a digital scale when you sign up.4.) You can only cancel your account by phone. Seriously?5.) In their automated phone menu, I entered my phone number to lookup my account but they "couldn't find it". It was clearly showing on my profile page, so I seriously doubt they even try to find it. Just another obstacle to push through.6.) I pressed "0" to speak to a representative, but before routing my call, they required me to answer a question about how I intended to use the service. In other words, compulsory survey responses.7.) The representative tried to dissuade me from cancelling, then offered that I could downgrade to a "basic" service for only $9.99 instead of $15.99, then suggested that I not cancel today but wait until the trial was over (again, hoping I'd forget to cancel so the automatic charges can start).In summary, this a trap.

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