Lyons Michael L Law Offices – Lawyer in Texas City, TX

There is a reason why Lyons works at the LA Superior Probate Court, as he is in the lowest pool of attorneys who cannot maintain a private practice! Lyons is doing much damage to the vunerable elderly, in the guise of being of being a legitimate attorney for the court, he seems to enjoy doing biased reports, with false allegations, blatent lies, distortions, and slanderous character attacks, on the elderlys familly,with I suspect payoffs by the party with the most funds–he is extremely biased, and arrogant in his tainted malicious lies, and attacks–especially on the elderly who are being exploited, and abused–and have no sense of reality, or judgement–so, he leads them into the agenda of the party who has the most funds as to profit, without regard to the welfare of the elderly He has made libelous false assertions, that will be addressed by complaints to The California State Bar, and entitys of the Court, that are in charge of his misconduct! Karma, and misconduct, are things that even the most cunning and vile cannot escape, in due time, karma always wins.

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