Christopher Koch & Associates – Lawyer in The Strip, Las Vegas, NV

Not sure if they deserved even 1 star..When I first called them, they sounded friendly and confident, but when they got the money they disappeared.No updates on the case, no defense were made whatsoever, I had to take the deal the court offered, whoever worked on my case wasn't the one I was talking to.What make things worse was I was supposed to show up in court for a restitution hearing but they never told me about that, the court had issued a bench warrant for me. Fortunately, I went there to pay the rest of my fines, the clerk was the one who told me They were expecting me in court today. I did and they dismissed the warrant.If I wasn't there that day, I would have a bench warrant under my name and I wouldn't even know it.People always tell me you get what you pay for, how bout I got S**t for what I paid for..Might as well just hire the court appointed lawyers, the result could probably the same or better.

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