Stamps.Com – Lawyer in Venice, CA

Is there a 0 Stars Rating?Perhaps if you are content paying 15.99 monthly for stamps and whatever, and don't EVER require actual customer service, this could satisfy your needs.I signed up today, not knowing the fee until after providing my credit card. I DID NOT hit submit and gasped at the 15.99 monthly fee. I usually do priority, print postage online and it's easy. I can order pretty stamps fromUSPS.comfor a 1.00 handling fee that are delivered rather quickly and in good order. Unfortunately, I needed 2.09 in postage and didn't find a way to print that immediately hunted onStamps.comfor the cancellation page. Well, hello 1980's. One must telephone within certain hours to cancel. Emails, however, flooded in fromStamps.comwelcoming me and much to my horror, even though I had never hit submit, there was an account on the website with my credit card telling me they would charge (first month may be free, or else it's a 5.00 discount – not clear) in October and forever after.I called at 10:58am.At 11:22am the painful process ended, a confirming cancellation email received and I want that thirty minutes of my life back.I'm cross and bitter. It still is 2015 isn't it?Be wary. It's a public company with very good profits ($STMP) and oh, if only Amazon could give other business stuck in a time warp from deep in last century lessons in customer serviceI would never recommend this and urge you to consider every other option.Good luck!

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