Law Offices of William W Green & Associates – Lawyer in Vista, CA

totally agree with Dee Love D. !!!this attorneys don't do anything but lie and lie to you !! I'm still off from work due to a work injury since December 2012. This so called William green came done the first time to meet up with me and seemed like a good attorney oh was I wrong ! he sended me with a doctor that hasn't done shit till this time … Okay so it wasn't hard to get them over the phone for me but I got so confused on who in the world is my attorneyFrom the beginning I had understood it was green and then some loc guy ..?? whatI was so confused I went to my deposition and green was not professional one bit he looked more like a cowboy/ farmerVery unprofessional… His assistants Tania and Diana always would say well your case is still being denied and let me read it and call you back and never did I would have to call next day or two days later and same answers from them.. I finally, finally..! fired this people and have a very professional ones that told me what has this people done to your case, he said I could of gotten my disability and get payed since a long time. I'm pleased to say my new attorneyDennis A. Dascanio is now taking care of my case and fell more at piece.

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