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Established in 2000.

Attorney John is a compassionate advocate who is enthusiastic about protecting children and creating a world that works for everyone. The strength of character she brings is reflected in all dealings from your first meeting, to settlement negotiations, through the courtroom, and in the way she motivates and reminds you that the quality of your life is about far more than just your current circumstance.  Attorney John is a strong advocate for her clients and seeks resolution which meets the Needs and Interests of her clients.

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MM M. July 18, 2016 12:00 am

Amazing results!! I am so thankful for the team of Shelly Jean John and Stephen John and their excellent partnership as they managed my case to end the alimony payments to the ex-spouse.  Stephen's paralegal writing was excellent as he created the Request for Order for my case and took the time to ask me the detailed questions needed to present the facts needed by the courts.  Shelly's partnership with me was appreciated, her team's timely communications kept me up to date as the case progressed through the courts, and the judge for my case worked well with Shelly also–always a plus!  After 7 long years of paying alimony Shelly's team was able to get it reduced to half the original amount for 1 more year and then ZERO after that.  I'm done, no more alimony payments!!  I recommend Shelly's team because of the amazing results!!