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Established in 2014.

Attorney with 8+ years of experience in all areas of intellectual property law including patent, trademark, copyright, trade secrets, and entertainment law. Stanford undergraduate dual degrees in Symbolic Systems (computer science, psychology, linguistics, and philosophy) and International Relations with distinction.Successfully assisted numerous clients in protecting their inventions, creative work, and good name against knockoff artists as well as protected numerous clients against unfounded accusations of copying.  Assisted numerous businesses in their initial stages of endeavor with foundational legal tasks including entity formation, copyright and trademark registration, immigration, contracts with suppliers, vendors, contractors, and talent, and advice and counsel on numerous legal issues.  Helping clients protect and monetize their ideas so that their creative and inventive genius can bear fruit.

Law offices specializing in assisting inventors, artists, creative professionals, and small to medium sized businesses with legally protecting and monetizing their intellectual work. Expert assistance in trademark, entertainment, copyright, patent, and trade secret law as well as business formation, initial stage funding and contracts, and immigration matters.




631 Caleb St, Glendale, CA 91202


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Zachary J. October 24, 2015 12:00 am

William is fast, efficient and highly professional. I have had nothing but great experiences using his legal services, and would recommend him to anyone needing legal assistance.