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Norma A. September 19, 2016 12:00 am

Dealing with Riverside County Child Support Services in Indio.  Wow. Ive never been spoken to before, the way these employees speak to "clients" So rude and obnoxious, I was shocked.  Then I see printed right on the back of their forms, that you cannot request a hearing because of, "Complaints of Alleged discourteous treatment by a local child support agency employee, unless such conduct resulted in a hearable action or inaction".If they put that on the back, theres obviously a huge problem with the attitude of these employees, and obviously a large amount of complaints.   Theyre condescending , degrading, etc.  I dont know who they think they are!! And they have all my information in front of them, address, work , numbers, family names and address'.  Dare we speak up about their attitude?  Shouldnt they stay home if they are in a horrible mood?If theyre  held accountable for their rudeness, when will it stop?  Its going strong today.The system needs to be checked into, Indio needs to be audited, and workers need  a refresher course about why they have that job in the first place. (not just one rude worker, all 4 I spoke with couldnt be bothered by someone with questions to why their account has drastically changed without client being notified? )THE WORST OF THE WORST EMPLOYEE OF THE YEAR AWARD GOES TO THE ENTIRE STAFF AT THE INDIO DCSS OFFICE.

Eimaj G. May 26, 2016 12:00 am

Riverside county is the worst county to deal with in Ca. when trying to modify a child support.  They don't count a lot of key important factors that will help you with your financial situation.  Example: When you're overpaying for child care, which your son has never been to in the last 2 years, should technically allow you to get it reduced.  Right?  But noooooo, the riverside cps decides to add another $200 on top of the allotted amount I was paying!!?!?  Wtf??  They cannot add and subtract to save their lives. Idk how they even got hired??  I swear they can't calculate expense, medical, and income to determine the correct amount that should be deducted.  I have to be my own accountant because those dumbfuccs can't count!!

Toughguy F. April 13, 2015 12:00 am

I live in anger everyday because of the decisions that were made by the courts whom were influenced by this department.   There was no due process.  Just court orders that enable my children's mother AND husband to receive a windfall, and for me to be damaged emotionally and financially.  Yes, emotionally.  Her and her husband have raised my children (loss for me).  And I have to pay. A lot!!(loss for me and my new wife)  My children don't even know me anymore!  And my 18 year old son is completely alienated from me.WAKE UP.  YOU ARE GIVING MOTHERS FINANCIAL INCENTIVE TO KEEP CHILDREN AWAY FROM THEIR FATHERS!!!Your jurisdiction is 500 miles away.  There is no way to get any visitation.  All I get is, "you must pay!"  It doesn't feel like I'm supporting my children.  I never see them.  I never see and experience how I am helping them.  It feels like financial bleeding.  Like a tyrannical entity is forcing me to support a household that has resources already.And then there is the NIGHTMARE of 10% interest on arrears.  This is pure financial evil.  This is leaving many men in California with insurmountable debt.  This has psychological consequences.All of you in this department who support unjust child support actions and enforcement should be ashamed of what you do.  You are hurting people.